What is Vocabador?
The Vocabador iPhone application is ideal for students studying for the SAT, the GRE or for anyone looking to boost their vocabulary.  Combining the theme of Lucha Libre wrestling with over 400 powerful vocabulary words, Vocabador offers a fresh approach to learning that will help you build some serious vocabulary muscle!

How many study words are within the application?
432 core words + thousands of additional antonyms and synonyms.

What Apple devices are supported?
Vocabador currently runs on the iPhone iOS 4.0 or later.

Is there an Android version of Vocabador?
Not at this time.  But, definitely something we would like to develop.  Stay tuned!

What level of vocabulary is presented in Vocabador?
Vocabador contains SAT and GRE level words.

How do I advance to the next word in the Vocab Training section?
To advance, slide the flashcard to the left. To view the previous word, slide the flashcard to the right.

The “Vocabador” button is de-activated.  How do I battle the Vocabador?
To battle the Vocabador, you must first defeat all Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight wrestlers.

After defeating the Vocabador, is it possible to battle all the wrestlers again?
Yes!  Go into Settings and select the “Reset All” button.  NOTE:  If you Reset All, this will clear your wrestler name, your mask selection, your battle history, incorrect words, correct words and flagged words.

How do I change the name of my wrestler?
From the Home screen, click the Settings button. You will be taken to the Settings screen where you can change the name of your wrestler.  Make sure to click the Save button!

Does Vocabador offer pronunciations of each word?
Unfortunately, not in the current version.

Help!  The application is frozen!  What should I do?!!!
Most problems can be resolved by either closing out the app completely and restarting the app or applying a hard restart to your iPhone.

To close out Vocabador completely, double-click the Home button (the button below the screen).  All open applications will now appear on the bottom of the iPhone screen.  Scroll left until you find the Vocabador icon.  Gently press down on the Vocabador icon and continue pressing until the icon begins to shake and a small red circle containing an “-” symbol appears. Click the little red circle above the Vocabador icon.  The Vocabador icon will disappear.  Dont worry!  This only shuts down the application.  The app is not deleted. Click the Home button again to stop the other icons from shaking.  Then, click the Home button one last time to return to your Home Screen.  From the Home screen, locate the Vocabador icon and tap it to launch the app.  That should do the trick!

If the app is still frozen or not working properly, a hard restart of your iPhone may be required. Simultaneously hold down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button (the little button on the top of your phone) until the phone reboots.  After rebooting, locate the Vocabador icon and tap it to launch the app.